Identity tags - Andaman Islands

Convict’s identity tab, label made of wood with iron neck-ring. British Museum, acquired 1933.


Convict love token

Convict love tokens, or ‘leaden hearts’, were smoothed and re-engraved or ‘stippled’ coins, created by convicts who left them behind in England before their transportation to Australia. They are remarkable in giving insights into the experiences, and personal and emotional lives, of ordinary...


Convict uniform - Australia, 1830-1839

There was no standard ‘uniform’ for convicts transported to the Australian colonies. Most were issued with prison ‘slops’ made of cheap and coarse materials, or continued to wear their own clothes. Women who were held in female factories were issued with a suit of clothing, sometimes with a ...


Message stick (wooden) made by a Noongar prisoner on Rottnest Island, before 1903

“Message sticks” are known as boorna-wangkiny in the Noongar language of the Aboriginal people of Western Australia, where this object was found. They are usually a solid piece of wood, between 20 and 30 centimetres long, with angular and dotted marks carved onto them. Message sticks were used t...